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We offer a diverse range of customisable packages aiming to meet your needs and ideas. Sign up now to book a free consultation with one of our specialists! 


Here at Evergreen, we cover portrait, event, branding and wedding photography - of which you may choose one out of the three tier packages that is most relevant to you: Standard, Evergreen and Premium. Each package is highly customisable from the number of shots, time of shooting and price etc. You may sign up for a free account to book a free 30 minutes Zoom consultation by pressing the button below each package. If it's your first time signing up, you are automatically entitled to a 10% off on your first purchase! 



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High resolution and quality photos that perfectly represent your brand identity and and products.

There is already a story to tell behind each brand and product on the market; a value or cause worth fighting for. Whether it's a facemask manufacturer who wants to keep people safe with quality PPE in the mix of a pandemic - or a fitness studio who not only wants to provide physical training but also look after their customers' mental wellbeing. We want to tell that story through the photos we do. After all, people buy from people.

A branding project could include a diverse types of photos, including portraits, still life or canned etc. This package offers a fully cusomisable experience tailored only to your needs.

Day rate starts at £500

As many photos we could do in a shoot or more!

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