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It's been a tough time for all of us - but that doesn't stop us in keeping our photographers and clients safe

Since we are based in England, we are legally obligated to observe the UK Government's latest COVID-19 guidelines and restrictions, including any and all social distancing and lockdown rules. Recently, the nation has been set on a roadmap to freedom. However, with new strains of variant surfacing across the world, we are still very much still in a pandemic and need to be vigilant when out and about. Therefore, below are a few key points on the latest with regards to the pandemic.


We observe closely on the UK Government's latest guidelines and restrictions. Please scroll to read the brief below. 


Given the spread of the new Delta variant, first discovered in India, if you are in any of these regions listed here - please be transparent about your state of health in the past 14 days before the shoot - as well as following the government's guidelines relevant to your situation around the time of the project. 


The 30 people cap on weddings is due to be lifted soon in England - but social distancing and mask-wearing guidelines are still in place. Here at Evergreen, we believe in the power of love and would be delighted to keep your special day evergreen, however please be aware to check with the venue(s) on their regulations - as well as to be transparent with any latest relevant information on guests and personals. 

More on rules around weddings here


Evergreen offers services across multiple cities and boroughs across England. Whether we are traveling to you for a shoot, or we are journeying somewhere else for a project - it's vital that these measures are observed. 

The government regulates passengers to wear face-coverings/masks when travelling on public transports - and only sharing a private vehicle with no more than two households. There are different rules when it comes to traveling from and to the other nations in the UK. You may discuss this further during your free consultation with us!

More on rules around travelling here.


We know the advices, guidelines and restrictions could be a bit too much at times - which is why we are here to help! Please don't hesitate to get in touch by filling in the contact form here

Otherwise, feel free to read more about the government's latest policy on the pandemic:

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